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Spread Betting


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This is something I have never really looked into but do fancy it now I can put some time aside for it, and a little money.


So the question is... is it worth it? I know its high risk but got to spend to make!


I can google it but wondered if anyone else on here has done it or has some tips to getting started without blowing the house on it!







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always thought it was too big an outlay for too little a return really, if one bet out of 10 (or so) fucks you then your a loser.


i bet £20 a week. 3x £5 accas, usually about 7, 8 or 9 folds, ranging from about £60 to £200 potential return though most times i cash out if it offers 3/4 of it.


on average i get at least 1 up every 2 weeks, started using betvictor, betting on foreign games for better odds.


never got anything at the weekend there but had 3 in a row up during the week for a total of £260


the way i look at it is if i get 1 in 8 up the way i do it im still up at least a tenner for the fortnight.


usually do at least one requestabet on sky too, corners and booking points(plus sometimes add a goal in each half), look for grudge matches that will be one sided and go for 60+ booking and 10 or 11+ corners. usually about odds of 6-1 or there abouts.


nothing thas gonna make me a millionaire but i look at it as free nights out

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You guys really need to do matched betting. It's guaranteed profit!


In two hours I can earn about £60. Your need £300 or so to start out but you can't lose money.




Go there. Do the two free bets he offers you and your be about £40-£50 up.


Then pay him £15 and follow the rest of his guides.


The main thing here is to keep a good spreadsheet going as your going to end up with money everywhere and your need to keep track



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Agree with fon


I did matched betting last year, didn't ever feel I fully understood it followed some guides and made about £1200 in 4 months, stopped as I was on holiday and got gubbed from a few of the bigger earners for not looking enough like a mug punter. Really need get back into it!

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mate was going on about double delights on betfred for ages so we both stuck a fiver on ronaldo last night.

double delight is you pick the first goal scorer and if they score again the odds are doubles then trebled if they get another.


3/1 turned into 9/1 so £50 back , thats my beer tokens for my weekly outing tonight sorted.


scorps your probably just better off that way tbh.

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Fon's got me a bit hooked on the match betting - so far in 2 bets I'm 33 quid up and spent about 7p for the qualifiers...


Still a fair whack to learn and do, but I think it could work.


Main thing for me is just getting the bets logged down, started to use Ultimatcher spreadsheet which seems to work well and track for me!

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