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Huawei watch 1 review


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Just got one, 


I know number two is out soon, but the look of this thing is lovely, and number two looks like a piece of shit to me. 


My first smart watch, looks a little big, but is much lighter than I expected. 


The android OS is ok. It seems to mainly be about notifications, but you can reply to messages, make calls, and with some additional apps, control kodi etc from your watch. 


it seems to be very pure google, (non of this S voice stuff)


Im still getting to grips with it, but for now im very happy, especially with the screen, its bloody beautiful!


I was disappointed that it didnt make any noise when you got a notification, but a quick app install of "feel the wear" fixed that.


Second hand on ebay expect 140-160, brand new on ebay £200, amazon 240



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I was looking at these on Amazon a while back, was only £189.00 when i was looking. Was tempted to get one but decided i wanted one but didn't really need one, so decided not to buy. I really like the look of them though, they are by far the best looking smart watch i've seen and i love the way you can change the face on the smart watches. If i was getting one i think i'd go for that watch, i'd feel an absolute twat wearing an apple watch based on my opinion of the average iphone user.

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I was looking at the tic watches, i think they look smart.




I thought i'd let them refine the tech a bit more before i bothered buying anything like a smart watch. I don't really need one and don't actually wear a normal watch anyway....so it would be for the sake of having sort of thing in my case. Like say i think i'll let them refine the tech a bit more and wait.

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