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Channel Slim (Twitch)


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Right, I am advertising my wares hehe, I have been involved in long term project, and recently I really want to make a go of it, I have poured quite a bit of my own money , and a lot of time into setting this up, here are a few things that i managed to sort out


My own channel art (but thinking of hiring someone from fiverr.com, for something more professional)

Automated donation alerts, a donations page, and paypal intergration (donating is totally up to you, it is not mandatory,I am more interested in gaining subscribers)

Studio Lighting (donated by my good friend Wilko, you don't know him, but he's a sound guy)

Green Screen with tripods.

A studio quality micrphone with pop filter (senheiser)


and many other things that are exhausitve to list.


Ok, so why i am pouring so much time and effort into this,,,,, its quite simple, i love making videos,and i believe doing live streams is the next step forward, now i might be spending a lot of money on this, but it simply is for fun, so if i fail in gaining followers, then i can safely say i had a good time doing it, anyway, here is my link to my twitch




Feel free to have a look around, if you click the videos all my past broadcasts are in there, maybe watch a few and tell me what you think ? or even scan through quickly if you dont have a lot of time :), now one thing you should know, that at the time of archiving, the stream will exist for 60 days, one of the perks of premium, well i am with amazon prime, which qualifies me for twitch prime, you get a few little extras when you are affiliated with that, i also enrolled with twitch turbo, which extends the life of my archives even more, But eventually the videos will be removed to make way for new ones. But fear not, twitch have a really handy option  where you can backup your streams to youtube, so i created a unique channel for my permanent archives,you don't need to subscribe to the youtube channel, the twitch channel is more important, as ultimately i wish to become a twitch partner  The following addy is for my youtube backups (sadly i do not qualify for a custom url, so apologies for the tatty url)





Right that about covers it, if you want live notifications of when i go live, then there are multiple ways, let me list them for you.


You can click the follow button at the top right, and then you will be given the option to recieve email alerts, you need to click on ON for that to work, you will then be fully subscribed and I will be very happy hehe


The other option is to be on Steam, and friend me , I go by the name of HackmanSlim, I have a group there which i maintain, i have invited the majority of my friends list and 11 people are interested in my channel on twitch :), if you friend me, or i friend you on steam, then i can invite you into that group, where you will recieve real time notifications of when i go live, wahey. If you dont like the frequency of my events, then you can leave and i wont think any less of you , although i might remove you from my xmas card list ::P just kidding lol


Right on the subject of donations, why did i include donations on my page? Well tbh it was something to do, and it was fun setting up, there's so much to it, and i am really happy with the way it turned out ::)f you donate, then wahey, thanks a lot, it will help me recoup some of the money i have spent on the hardware for the streaming broadcasts, and if you dont, then, enjoy the show ::) i ultimate wish you to become a subscriber/follower at the end of the day.


Ok that about covers it, I will soon be going live today, will probably play some bulletstorm, one of my faves, and that is available on steam (but you can get it by any other means necessary, nudge nudge, but i dont know what your talking about lol :P)


Let me know what you think ;)


Slim :)

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just to let you know, when i am not broadcasting i AUTO HOST other people, that asian chick, is a very funny gal, who doesn't know much english but is somewhat english at visual comedy :) in other words, she's a complete nutter, but she's kewl :) anyway we need to get one thing clear, and that is when i broadcast.....


Well as it stands i broadcast sometime in the morning, but it's never accurate,viewers in my steam group (channel slim) get a real time update of when i go live, only downside is, is you have to have steam,and you need to be my friend on there for me to invite you into the group. So the problem is, how do i alert every one here, on when i broadcast ?


Well there is a program called discord, and you have the option of using the browser, or it's own client, now bear in mind,discord is a voice program, but you dont have to voice, you dont even have to join the channel, as there is a text channel which is connected to channel, so you could go in there, and get updates of when i go live :)


But i am open to suggestopns, if you have any other ideas of how to be notified of when i go live, then please let me know :)


Anyway, hope to see you in the channel :)


Happy viewing


Slim :)

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If you have a Nvidia GeForce graphics card and Nvidia GeForce Experience installed on your system you can stream live to Facebook at the same time as your live Twitch. Then just post you Facebook link on this sites Facebook page it's one way of doing it.

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yes i do like the look of shadow, but it severly lacks any kind of plugin support, for example, when a new subscriber, subs to my channel , the viewers get an instant visual notfication on my stream, same goes for donations, and any other form of action pertaining to my channel.


I should of said before, and i am sorry for not being clear in my 1st post, but the answer has to include obs support, as i have poured so much effort in setting up plugins and such.


Currnently, when i do stream, i can advertise on facebook and discord channels with twitch's built in support, but i am looking for other means of advertising which will draw people in. i must admit i have been having a bad time with twitch as of late with setting things up, but i am ironing out the bugs one by one, but i think it's annoyed people who get notifications, it's only just recently that i found a button which disables my activity, lets hope it's not too late


Thanks for your help, feel free to peruse the following link, as this is my primary means of advertising, and if you wanna become my friend that is welcomed aswell




Hope you like what you see when i go live


Slim :)

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