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heights!!!! the fear of


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ive never really been afraid of heights, dont mind planes or high rised buildings etc but i cake my pants on roller coasters or glass lifts and the likes.

ive always thought it was my fear of the thing breaking or collapsing rather than me being up in the air that made me shite it.

ive jumped off high diving dales then shat it on scaffold half the height.


anyway this film made me cringe and laugh at the same time...how people deal with the fear is amazing to watch sometimes



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Always loved rollercoasters , big drop water slides etc but used to absolutely hate heights using ladders!

Started rock climbing a few years ago and went from indoors to outdoors trad on the crags. Absolutely love it but still get some fear when up 100 feet and looking down at some spiky rocks below [emoji23] Had a few ropey falls but love it. Still not fussed on ladders tho lol

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I worked in construction on large high rise for a few years in my younger days and steel walking on 6" beams at a few hundred feet with no harness was the norm. As you get older your not so brave and I get goose bumps when I think back to those days and the balancing acts we did before the days of H&S.


I remember one guy the foreman for our steel erector company walking along a beam with a sheer drop both sides as as he was 1/2 across a 40ft beam at about 150-200ft he hit a concrete splash of stone that had come out the concrete hopper on the crane and gone hard. He lost his balance and ran at a 45 degree angle for about 25ft trying to get his balance till he got to the end and safety. I will always remember the look on his face when he got to the end, he knelt down, looked at me and there was pure terror in his eyes , sheet white in colour.


He said "In 25 years steel that's the closest". It didn't stop him , an hour later he was on the same beam scraping the concrete off no harness

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i used to use a tallescope in work (a ladder with a basket at the top type thing on wheels), youd only be about 20 feet up but the thing was on a raked stage and swaying like fekk, and youd usually be tying a curtain that was also swaying, used to freak me right out. but then 10 mins later id be dangling off the fly floor twice as high with no problems.


ive seen the guys on the beam in the high rise and just thought it was a confidence thing...if your wobbily on it youre fucked... no chance id do it tho, even with a harness

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