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Can you be pro Brexit and Anti trump at the same time?


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Fon, I'm almost on the same page. I didn't want Trump but thought he was preferable to the corrupt Clinton. He is a total dick though, wannabe dictator and probably mentally unstable. HC is just corrupt, knows she is, and so can't use insanity as an excuse.


I was for brexit mainly because I totally disagree with the way the EU is developing into a modern version of the USSR without Russia being in control. I know we are not in the currency, but it has fecked Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy and the list will grow. I would be for a common market (as was originally voted for - or at least that was what we were told,) but economic, judicial and political union - bollox to that !!!!

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Brexit happened for a lot of reasons and not just because people voted against a corrupt EU; it was a vote against the establishment and also the north south England divide in my opinion. I voted brexit.


As for Trump well how did America end up with a vote between Clinton and Trump; had a chimp been a third party he would have got elected... the chimp that is not Fon for clarity :)


Seriously I am not keen on Trump but I do like the way it as shaken up politics; he is a business man and as such is doing stuff - stuff in his manifesto that people voted him in on; so he is doing what he said he would do, refreshing?


Is he mad, is he racist not for me to judge.. but I would have voted for the chimp and not for Clinton (far to corrupt and establishment); could I have voted for trump; probably not ... chimp keeps winning :)

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I voted for Brexit and if i were American i don't think i'd have voted for either. As for Trump i think it's wise to adopt a wait and see attitude. Things need to change in politics, not just in America but the rest of the world. Someone needs to govern with common sense and make tough decisions. And once this campaign promises showboating has finished i'd like to see what he does. If i were a white middle class working American would anything he's done bother or upset me? No, not a bit. If someone in this country wants to implement temporary immigration bans until we sort out our border problems and work out how we handle asylum seekers and migrants then i'm all for it. If they want to look at how we dispense foreign aid and rip up the shit deals for trade and other things that previous governments have signed, then i'd support that too.

I'm so sick of politicians making promises they don't keep. George Osbourne summed that up for me when he described election promises as ambitions and not actual promises during a Brexit debate. Like it or not things do need to change and when someone does what he said he was going to do the media and celebrities panic, describe him as madman and the whole world panics.

One thing i like him for is backing the UK in our Brexit vote and the upcoming negotiations, we were holding a pretty weak hand until he came and slipped us that ace. I'm really not too bothered about much else in politics except for what happens with us in the next couple of years.

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