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Firestick for £15


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This ones for the wannabe Kodi boys... with a little bit of dabbling, the following deal can be had.


1) Go via Quidco - £10 cashback on a £25 spend at Argos

2) When you land at Argos, add the Firestick in your basket at 24.95 and add any item over 5p (like some 9p colouring pencils n shit)

3) Go via Fastrack and collect the item....


Once cashback is confirmed (can take weeks to months), you'll end up with a Firestick for £15 and have a world of entertainment at your hand (with the help of Kodi gods)

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Tell her to try again


I bought an item from Argos last night and it is still showing that I can opt in via Quidco


Nice one mate, must have been a daily quota...she got in now. :) Happy dayz.

Ahh scrap that, she just rang me back and said she was accepted but its £50 and only for 5 electric shops....AO,Very?, currys, dell and microshaft. :(


Oh well....again least i got mine. lmfao.

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