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Heinz 57 set up


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My core control system is Domoticz based, used to run it on a Pi but had issues with SD card corruption. So I moved it to my Windows server as it was already on 24/7.


I also have a heating system that is Tado based for overall home control and an EQ-3 Max system for zone controlling all my radiators.


I use a bit of unsupported software called Max-Buddy  to link it into Domoticz.


I'm currently into MySensors (which is supported by Domoticz) for creating custom centralised control areas. Examples are controlling my pond system as well as grabbing temp and humidity in the pump room.


If that above looks like geek speak, ask and I'll go deeper.



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Are there any commercial systems you can recommend.

Control4 I have heard of but I need something that is IP based that can control various areas.

We are talking holiday homes that can be centrally managed. Each property has its own central heating system etc,


Looking to have it interfaced into a control unit on the wall such as iPad or android.


Not looked in to it properly so through Mosul throw it out there

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There are commercial systems but the costs are painful, they are aimed at whole office building control.

I know people have used IP based radiator control for remote control.

The EQ-3 system will allow for remote control, so you leave it off or on low when unoccupied and fire it up remotely when you have punters in.

Control is via a web site or phone app. Control is down to room level if you want it.

EQ-3 will only control the heating but I'd guess you wouldn't particularly need lighting / power control.

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You can start small and add items as you go along.

As mentioned I use Domoticz - free, windows or Pi.

You will need a usb controller RFX433, the dearest bit.

Or if you chose to go MySesnsors then you build it all from Arduino minis and the like.


Have a mooch on the respective forums, it'll give you a few ideas.


I started with a few Byron and LightWaveRF light controllers for the lights.

I now control roller blinds, monitor hot water and CH temperatures around the system.

Set up a monitor from local weather stations to get warnings and set up scripts to act accordingly.


The world is your wossname.


There are other systems but I fixed on Domoticz due to active development, support from hardware vendors and coding flexibility.



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