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Cheapo usb endoscopes. Any good?


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The guy in the flat below me has water that occasionally drips from his living room ceiling rose.

This flat I rent has laminate flooring so finding the cause is gonna be a problem for my landlord, and potentially a pain in my arse.

Has anyone here got any hands on experience of those endoscopes?

Might be a cheap method of finding the source of the leak.

I've done all the checks I can with regards to finding the problem.the only thing I've not done is to drain the central heating system down, but I don't think that's the problem cos the system isn't losing any pres sure.

The leak happens with no corresponding use of anything water related in my flat.

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Nice one Boycie. I've just bought one of these for work. If it only works once it will pay for itself. It will be useful for when i strip car doors and so on, always useful to be able to see how the door lock rods fit rather than doing it blind and no doubt it will come in useful for other jobs too. Seen them before but they came as a full unit with screen and i was tempted to buy but didn't. The magnetic pick up and hook look useful too.

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