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UFC 202 Diaz/Mcgregor


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Well the fight rematch we wanted to see at UFC 200 is happening tonight, lets hope Diaz knocks him out again. Love mcgregors fights but hate his attitude in general so i'm in Diaz corner, i personally feel mcgregor might win it but i'm still rooting for Diaz.




As usual its on BT Sport 2 and Fox, main card kicks off @ 3 but i'd expect the Nate/conor fight to be around 4:30-5AM ish.


Kodi wise you can use Merlins, DCsport, FSsport and champion sport to name a few.






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I'm for Conor all the way, i've been watching the training video's on his maclife site he looks in awsome shape, much better conditioned than last time. He's been training hard for this fight and training for Nate rather than his normal training of training to fight and ignoring the oponents style.Last time he was dead on his feet after the first round but i don't think his stamina will be an issue this time and he looks very confortable at the weight unlike last time. I can't wait for the fight to start, i'm off to bed early to be up at 3.00am to watch the whole card.

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I think the Mcgregor Diaz fight could have gone either way. This way though i suppose there are 3 winners. Mcgregor gets the win, Diaz gets another big payday and UFC get another giant PPV event. Watching the fight i was amazed how Conor gassed out at the end of the second round again. Maybe it's the weight, the training or quite possibly a real stamina problem. He was fighting the perfect fight for the first 9 minutes and seemed to be pacing himself well.  If Conor was more confident in his ground game then he could have really capitalised on those knockdowns and i thought he'd lost it when Nate got the takedown at the end of the last round. A good fight though but i don't think Conor will be going back down to 145, 155 seems more likely and after the Diaz fights he seems a lot more beatable. If he gets a shot at Alvarez i think that could be a great fight or if Cowboy gets his shot first and wins again then that could be even better.

Good card though, i enjoyed all the fights tonight, Johnson and Cowboy especially.

Makes me laugh how you spend 3 hours watching a bunch of guys try to smash each other to pieces and then they put up a disclaimer to apologise for any offensive language that you may have heard.

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Was a good fight, Conor was in a different league to Diaz for the first 2 rounds but once he gassed that was it, Nate smelt blood and went at him pretty well tbh....by the end you could see none of them really had any knock out power left in them.


One thing i will say is that although i dont really like Conors attitude i do think he came across as more humble in this match.......was good and i think given the first 2 rounds were all Conor and along with the knock downs i feel the result was the correct one.

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Watched it again today and i think Conor did do enough to win it. The things that concern me is he spent $300k on training for this and yet gassed after 9 minutes, the more shocking is that he was fighting at a pace that should have been sustainable for a world class fighter.

He seems to have what it takes to rule at 145 but 155 and over, well it looks doubtful. Nate is durable but a journeyman fighter. He's lucky he wasn't in with Woodley, Cerrone or Lawler at that weight, i think he'd have been in trouble. I'm a big Mcgregor fan but the last 2 fights against Diaz have raised more questions than answers. He looks like a 10 minute fighter with a serious stamina problem. It's either him or his trainers and he really needs to sort this problem because every fighter will be trying to get to the third round and pick him apart until he answers those questions.

I honestly think it's time he looks at John Kavanagh and asks if it may be time to surround himself with a better team to reach the level he needs to be at.

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