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xbox one digial acounts


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People been doing this for a while. I got a game via this method. It works fine ect. BUT I am a tad reluctant to buy another as the process involves changing your xbox main account over to the one with the game on in order that you can dl the game....then you change back to your account after the install. Now im not overly clear on this but i do know that you are only allowed 3 account changes per system per year...im afraid the next time I buy one of these i will have my xbox stuck on the account with just one game mon for a whole year...not a great situation really lol. So if you haven't done it before then it does work...but i would be aware of the poss downside if you were to buy 2-3 in a single 12 month period. That's the way I read the situation anyway.

Another little dodge is game sharing groups - again involves changing your console over to a friends main account...he does the opposite his end and you could effectively share your whole library of games with a friend in return for him sharing his collection...again either a real life friend or there are groups/sites on the net that facilitate this - same restriction though 3 account changes per year.

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