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whats on your feet?


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going shopping is a pure mare for me, going shopping for clothes or shoes is even worse but it has to be done.

what with me not getting any younger im wondering what you wear shoe/trainer wise?

i usually wear kind of walking shoes and was thinking of getting a pair of north face ones during the week (theyre less than half price so only £50) but was tempted to go and just get trainers for comfort but the idea of me going into one of these shops with the walls of trainers is simply putting me off tbh.


if i had a pair in mind that i could just go in and ask for the that would be lubbly so what you got on and what your suggestions.


ta in advance

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totally for walking hills now n then but mostly just pure comfort stoner.


not really into the branded trainer types jester but i might try then now cause i do need comfy ones for the amount of running about i do in work these days.



Nike lunarglide 8's (have the black and whites) are my everyday trainer for comfort and running about.

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I hate track suits and trainers. I feel they look scruffy.


IV owned one pair of trainers and hardly worn them in the last ten years!


Just ware leather shoes.




Sounds like you've adapted the David Cameron beachwear look.

I've bought about 6 pairs of cheap Chinese snide Nike trainers in the last year. I got the Rosche ones and some others that look like them and some air max types. For what they cost they are pretty amazing quality and when they look a bit used i just wear them for work or gardening, they are really comfortable and i'd say identical to the real thing and just as good. Got a few pair of different Adidas originals and they are not snide, i just don't like the adidas ones from China.

Also have some timberland and Cat boots because i just like the style of boots. Hiking boots from when i decided to take up walking, they are in cupboard with all the other crap i bought for hobbies i never took up. Also a couple of pairs of smart shoes for weddings, funerals and court appearances. Several steel cap work boots that i got addicted to buying from Amazon warehouse.

I have a lot of shoes and don't really walk very far at all.

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where you get your snide ones the mount of shoes my  eldest gone thru I mite start buying him the china copies


DHGATE. The stuff always comes, they have a good escrow system. Keep an eye out on delivery dates, some offer really slow postage. The stuff that looks unbranded always comes with the proper logos and for Nike the sizes are inline with Uk sizes in terms of fitting, just make sure you use the conversion charts because the default is US.

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I only have 2 pairs of footwear, Black chelsea boots which i wear 90% of the time because they are so comfy (sheep skin inside) always smell nice and easy to slip on/off... and a pair of Air 95's that i wear on the odd occasion when for whatever reason i can't really be wearing boots.


Both of my pairs could be considered expensive ( Boots £110, trainers £115) but i tend to get a good 12-18 months on the boots and a good 2 years or more on the trainers......plus i cant remember ever complaining about my feet hurting or having blisters etc etc so all worth it IMHO.






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