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whats this chair for?


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mate came across a couple of these strange chairs at one of these lockers sales or something.


anyone idea what they could be used for?

theyre a bit on the low side for a hairdressers but its deff something you need to lean back a lot for.



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For the members of the fatback band?

back fat lol

Looking at the 60' early 70's style and the imagery on the walls I'd of thought it would be an hairdressers chair for washing the the hair over the basin.

ye it does look like a hairdressers chair but its only about 2 feet high at the back so would be too low for a basin unless it was a midget shop.

the decor is just where i put it to take the photo and has no bearing on the chair itself.


hes obviously trying to sell them but not knowing wtf its for is hapering that a bit tbh



I'll get my coat................


it is impressive indeed haha

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