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GFtime MX9 Android 5.1 Smart TV BOX £24.99


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  • GFtime MX9 TV BOX is absolutely an excellent and versatile TV BOX. All kinds of pre-installed video software, KODI(RKMC), YouTube, Netflix,Cloud TV and etc. KODI(RKMC) can be used to play almost all popular audio and video formats
  • Support 4K Ultimate HD vedio hardware decoding. With pre-installed Google Play Store and other apps, you can enjoy smooth multi-tasking, game playing or movie viewing. Support to play 3D and Blu-ray 4K format video and movies directly
  • CUT YOUR MONTHLY TV SUBSCRIPTION and your monthly TV subscription and enjoy FREE MOVIES SHOWS AND LIVE ENTERTAINMENT from all over the world including Sports. Android on your TV. Install your favorite apps from the Google Play Store. Thousands of apps are compatible with the GFtime MX9 BOX, just like your phone or tablet. The box is pre-loaded with essential streaming apps like Netflix, Youtube,and XBMC
  • Bandwidth saving Lifting speed:H.265 hardware decoding can save 50% bandwith resources,let you watch the 4K movie smoothly.4K 1080 I/P resolution is 4 times of full HD, so every detail of the screen is lucidity
  • EASY CONNECTION AND SIMPLE OPERATION. Use social network such as facebook, twitter, skype with you TV in a big screen which is very cool. You can go directly to let your TV and GFtime MX9 are connected through a HD cable. Two 2.0 USB port, connect with your mouse and keyboard to help you operate more convenient

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Well, it's arrived.

Looks good.

Piece of piss to plug in and connect to wifi.

I got the keyboard to go with it, sod all that messing about with the stock remote.

The installed kodi isn't called kodi in the initial menu, but kodi 16.1 is there.

A bit busy with things indoops this afternoon so I'll get to play a bit deeper as and when I can.

Fuk it.

Thought I'd have a cuppa and change my e juice, and install wookie while I'm skiving.

Went without a hitch.

I chose new look wookie, I had lite on my tv firestick.

During installation I got the requisite notifications that some components aren't compatible, but it's all going nicely.

Only issue so far is the clock time (that I set when I first plugged the box in) has reverted back to 00.00 , but I'll get around to that a bit later.

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