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Some funnies


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I was on hand mobile version and didn't have that option so switched to full version and the insert video option I used but then it said about dailymotion but my link was YouTube so it didn't embed,


Or am I looking in the wrong place, on the iPad and trying to get to grips with this firm software


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Also remember you can only have 1 video in each post.......forum restriction.

Then we have this geezer, proper gears himself up for a big splash.


Then we have the sprinter/streaker who thought it was sensible to go running on a court. No doubt drink involved.

It doesn't get old for me


I've re-done your vids tech mate but because others have posted in the therad i've hd to put the last 2 together here.


You can only have 1 vid per post but if you post straight away like i have above it adds them together, as above. ;)

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