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any gas boiler people here


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hi got an condensing boiler a baxi solo 15 he, it's 3 years old, been fine but now when it goes to fire up it will ignite for few seconds then cuts out and eventually goes to ignition lockout, any ideas what problem could be, so I will know if the report bloke trys ripping me off, I originally thought maybe the thermocouple inside but looking on net does not seem like it's got one lol

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I've become a bit of an expert on my vaillant ecomax over the past 2 weeks. What I've learned may not apply to your make but I might be able to give yu some pointers.

It sounds like your boiler is throttling down. Is this problem occurring when you draw hot water? (Unlikely to be a heating issue this time of year lol)

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Had any issues with the boiler lately? Has it got a system pressure gauge on it?

Have you for any reason had to utilise the filling loop lately?



A bit a reading on the net indicatell that these have lots of problems with their ignition electrodes.

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no pressure gauge as it's an open vented system, had no problems at all with it, been quoted 60 + vat per hour to find the fault then what ever the parts cost, I am leaning towards it being the flame sensor but I did read that the pcb in these boilers can give up

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