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Farage steps down as UKIP leader


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He's done what he set to do which was take the urine out of a cocksure Government, how wrong they were with the referendum. Oh and for the conspiracy theorist out there, rumour has it both Farage and Boris were asked nicely to back down by the powers that be or they could find themselves floating in the Thames arse up.



A nods as a wink to a blind bat

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Yea, article in the snooze paper that he was getting too many death threats so binned it.


Unsure if its true or not, but with no protection and everyone knowing where he lives I cant blame him!



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Such a farce and we must be the laughing stock of the world tbh.


Problem is that no one was expecting the result at all so none of them have had a plan....its been a case of we want out of the EU and everyone has gone eh? what? eh? what? ..eh? oh ok...errr what the fook do we do now.


Britain at its best i'm afraid to say...pathetic.

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I saw a cartoon thing last week in some online thing cant remember where but it did make me laugh. It had Boris and Gove with the word control in the middle of them with speech bubbles comming from them saying "Take back control" - "No you take back control" "No you take it" Nope you take it as you touched it last"...lol.

I probably haven't done it justice but it did make me laugh.

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