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how to get a free ac.uk email address


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Found this don't know if this is what your looking for



How to get six months free Amazon Prime


Anyone can get a free 30 day trial, and you can take this up every 12 months.


But students can get a free six month trial! And after that it renews at £39 for a year – a price I’d be prepared to pay.



Until recently you had to have an ac.uk email address to get this, but now you can send a photo of your NUS card to get the deal. And this means anyone can get it, even if they’re not a full time student!


To legally get your own student card, you need to buy an online course from E-Careers. There are hundreds of options, but in this instance the best bet is to find the cheapest one going. I’ve listed the best current deals and what to do next in my How to get an NUS card if you’re not a student guide.


It’ll cost you between £20 and £30 in total, but you’ll easily make that back from discounts at cinemas, in shops and online.


Once you’ve received your NUS card, simply send a scan or photo of your card to Amazon Student and wait for a unique link to be emailed through.

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