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Beelink X2 TV Box 4K H.265 Decoding £17.44


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Thanks for the info daveywavey,I've just impulsively bought one :) ,well it is "Fathers Day !.

Living in S.Ireland (rural) up until 5mnths ago our net was crap,it's supposed to be better now and so although a little late in the scene, I'm going to give this unit a go ( it's cheap enough to enter me on the scene! )

Have you bought one yourself and are there any hints tips or sites that you will use.


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Hi Linkin no I have not got that particular box but have a similar one Iam using the spitfire build at the moment but changing build is part of the fun for me . i just use google /youtube to find different builds (just type Kodi)

anyhow have fun when it arrives

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