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Unlucky England well done Wales


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As per title really. Thoroughly enjoyed both games and contrary to what most people assume of us Jocks I was willing both home nations on. Feckin galling to concede in the 93rd min. I though England actually played well for the 1st time in a while I was quiet entertained.

Wales run off with a great result and showed what passion and team spirit can achieve.

Sets up a huge game between the two on Thursday. The old story here too with Wales nothing to loose and England as the huge favourite makes it all the tougher...

As for my proxy support on Thursday ? Well it has to be Wales for me as my mother was born and brought up in the south wales valleys and had a strong welsh accent all her life.

Looking forward to the Irish tonight.


On a side note I assume the betting people among us are raping the bookies with all the big money making offers and codes floating around.

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I missed the Wales game because i was at work yesterday but well done to them. I thought England played some really nice football but just never got the goals that should have come. I thought that at about the 65th minute Kane should have been subbed for Vardy, not just because Kane never looked like scoring but more to just give the Russians a new problem. Sterling though, i honestly can't stand him as a player. Too many times moves broke down with him, he had a lot of possession but never really did much of use with it. I always thought Man City had more money than sense when they bought him. Other than him i thought the team had a great game and despite questioning why Rooney even started i thought he was pretty outstanding in midfield. I hope this is Roy's last tournament though, I've no idea how he even got the job. Although it was a good game and solid performance we are still a long way behind the Elite nations, in particular tactically.

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Rooney still has plenty to offer England at least in this tournament. Even 75 mins he can give a great contribution. Sterling is a great player and will be an England great...of course this comes down to opinions and we all have em.....But im going to semi bash you england supporters a tad here when I say you lot have a history of not sticking by your "great" players....Im thinking Beckham and the constant abuse he took throughout his England career and yet look at the mans stats. Same goes for others but Becks sticks in my head as the most "hated" by his own fans. I do think the England fans never really shake off their league teams colours....You know the old scousers not rating say Scholes and the mancs not rating Gerrard....and so it goes on. So to finish my rant Get behind your bloody players lol and think how "lucky" you are to have wold class at your disposal.

On the other issue of the sub - He had a choice and he opted to close the game out.....Would have been the correct thing as well if the ref had blown in the 92nd min......Like I said in my op it was a pleasant surprise to see a nice bit of flowing joined up football with what looked like a purpose.

Last point DID everyone catch that huge bang just before the Russian goal ? Some are speculating that some of the England players were a bit startled..and to be fair my heart jumped/sank when I heard it considering what happened outside the stade de france not so long ago....Some pundit on 5 live came out with "The players are pro's so such things should not have made them loose concentration" but feck me I would have and did from my armchair.

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