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  1. Yeah, what they said! Have a great one
  2. l0gic


    Looked on the newsgroups for you, nothing there - sorry
  3. Well done Fon! I'm still trying to get over my IC engine separation anxiety so have been looking at PHEV vehicles. I don't understand the selling point of 'battery charged from the car engine' stuff as all you are doing is converting fossil fuel to electric at a fairly low efficiency, you may just as well run the IC engine. I think it is purely for the company car crowd due to the tax breaks. I have a shit load of solar around the house that I currently pump into a set of Lion batteries to run the home, so I 'm comfortable that the technology and process seems sound. Keep us posted 👍
  4. Appreciated! Have a good one Fon!
  5. l0gic

    New hard drive

    Yeah, it's one of the things I thought worth paying for I've been running it for years, rock solid!
  6. l0gic

    New hard drive

    4Tb has dropped sub £100 lately. I use bog standard desktop drives in my Windows "server" it's on 24x7 and I've yet to drop a drive. As protection I do use Stablebit DrivePool to combine physical hard drives into one virtual drive and then mark my important files for duplication across the physical drives. I take a chance on the big files, films TV and the like. I can always grab them again.
  7. Thanks, I have indeed gone with chartjs. It looked a good balance of simplicity and quality. All the best Kevin
  8. Just some feedback, I now have gazillions of gauges telling all the stuff that I don't need to know, but gauges - shiny! Thanks for all your guidance Steve, much appreciated! I now need to get a decent page or two together for the stuff I actually require. I will then add some graphing probably on a per day basis to visualise performance, I'll pull a rolling day out of the database and drop it on the web page as before. Do you have any recommendations for JScript graphing tools before I randomly start on one? Again, thanks Kevin
  9. Cheers Steve, I'll give this a bash. I can change the format of the uploaded file as I require. So as I understand it I upload a preformed js file rather than a txt file, saves all the reading and parsing I guess. For me to utilize multiple gauges I assume I just rename the original gauge1 and run off declaring other gauges as needed gauge1, gauge3 ..... As I mentioned js is a dark art for me, I just have a mental block with it. What is the function of the <canvas id = "cg1"></canvas>? It looks to me that it is declaring the whole of the body as an area in which to render the gauge(s)? Give me python any day! Again, thanks Kevin
  10. OK, I now understand that I can place all the code into an external file and just stick a reference to it in the html. I 'think' I can then kick it off with an 'onload' reference in the html out to the js file. There is mention of global values so it looks like the data will be available to the web code including the gauge code. All I need to do is find out the typical layout of an external js file and then try an knock up the code...
  11. Guys, I'm well into home automation and all that good stuff, and I want to push some data out to a web page for display. I've done the local stuff in python, pull data into a DB and stick it into a single line csv based file which I then ftp up to the web site. The issue I have is that I just can not grasp the interaction on the web side. I've decided to use canvas-guage ( a jScript based gauge display system), easy to use - I have that working but with static gauge values. I have a text file sitting in the directory, I need to open it (into an array?) that I can reference for each gauge. Typical file example; 20180516,11:46:48,Grid,0.83,41.66,0.08,5.87,150.0,Battery,6.07,22,0.79,0.0,0,Solar,4.71,105.81,1020.0,House,10.24,138.1,139.0,870.0,Inverters,336.7,1.90,347.000,323.000,670.000,3.185 Are arrays persistent in this environment? i.e I call a bit of jScript to open the file and place into an array. The Guage jScript can then access the array and pull the values out. Gauge1.data.value = myarray[12] type thing? I'm not even sure how to use/ where to put the Js code to be honest. I'm referencing in the head area and placing any code in the body area. I've been throwing code snippets into the html with gay abandon and opening the browser console shows no errors (sometimes) but also no results. To be honest I'm struggling to parse the file at the moment as I can't get my head around blobs and the like. Looking for code examples has pulled nothing from the hat for me. So before a go and kick the cat I thought I'd ask if the effort was worth it or is my assumption about the array (or whatever) being available not a runner. As I see it I need to do the following steps; Parse file into an array (or something else?) reference array items as need, convert from string to float and apply to specific gauge code. Any guidance much appreciated, if only for the sake of the cat. Cheers guys Kevin BTW I don't have a cat
  12. l0gic

    Home CCTV

    I've used an analogue system in the past but the quality of the video was a touch iffy. I binned it a while back and went for a HikVision system, not the cheapest but is IP based with PoE if you wire it back to the recorder. I've taken a different route for power & connection, plug the camera into a convenient place on my network add a 12v supply and PoE converters and supply the cameras that way. Quality is superb. I've a mix of 3K Hikvision cameras and cheapo chinese items. The Hikvision also have local processing and evaluate movement/changes/items in area etc. locally and ping back to the recorder. The cheap cameras are dumb and just send a video stream, but are fine for what I need in some areas. I do block all cameras at the firewall to stop and potential 'phone home' stuff. But logs seem to show only ntp requests which I now serve locally. ATB Kevin
  13. I'm fitting out the house with Arduino based MySensor rigs. Buy them in bulk from China for a quid or so. Been fabricating my own PCBs as well as some are too generic for my needs.
  14. Damn Fon, I've had a 3D printer since last summer. Shout if you need anything else done. Been fabricating sleeves for automating roller blinds, cases for my MySensors projects, DOT holders - you get the idea. Got to get my geek on ATB K
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