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  1. I'll help I'm on here all the time anyhow lol
  2. hi anyone know if i can find an address from a car registration number
  3. No I had to go up to the stable yard to sort out where I was putting my horse box, as all he was doing was fobbing of my missus, I went to the yard, soon as he saw me he ran and gott this bat thing and started swinging it about
  4. OK OK the hat my boy got it for me,, basically he started down the phone to my missus, I told him who the fuck you think l you are talking to her like that, I come up the yard and sort it with you, I turned up he ran at me with said bat, tho he says it's a stick he picked up, hit me etc eyc
  5. This is a photo shortly before the bloke hit me(red shirt) in the chest with it, causing substantial internal and viable bruising, he was arrested and has been released under investigation , got told today he will probably only get a cautious, what the hell, I was un armed, with my wife and my 6year old son who witnessed the whole lot and he is now scared of just about everything, I said to police next time I will take it from him and batter him with it, to which I was told I would probably be arrested and charged with abh with intent
  6. hi i have vermin superhub, but it is not powerfull to reach down to the office, so i thought i could run an eithernet cable down there and have the internet that way, thing is there are 3 things that are going to be used 2 are wifi and one can be wired, how can i make wifi work down there can i buy another wifi router and just plug the end of the eithernet into it or do i need to do something else cheers
  7. Any chance of having 2 please, would. Love the crack Info too so I can try it myself cheers
  8. Mik25 what tools as I was not on shack for ages and went back just as it went off again lol
  9. I think 12years, found its in the po6 area
  10. Never heard of it will have a look
  11. Cheers people guess I will have to get some credits
  12. Hi I am trying to find an address for someone Micheal Bone in Portsmouth other people who live there are Carol bone Katherine bone Joshua bone Anyone help out
  13. hi can anyone make this image so all the watermarks are gone, i have tried but im useless cheers
  14. Yey found a golden one with £2 in it
  15. Lol apparently there are different parcel types not that I seen any only seen normal brown things
  16. I put my location in the middle of a field near nothing after I had grabbed 10parcels and left it there over night got all them still in morning was just coins and 4 diamond things, seems to be working for me lol just make sure you pick movement mode in fly gps if you pick fixes it flags up that your using mocked locations
  17. Done for a few hours got coins and some tv now thing that I won't ever use, also fly GPS works with this on movement mode so nip to London Trafalgar square grab load of parcels turn fly GPS back off and your back home,
  18. Yea have to admit i love trying to get the most out of any hardware or software some lever of self satisfaction when you make it work the way you want or open up a bit that was closed before
  19. Lol well Google did help quite a bit
  20. Valley of the Dolls Midnight's Children Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea noughts and crosses The Trouble with Goats and Sheep A Passage to India Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha The Help Me Before You Labyrinth Bring up the bodies The Green Road
  21. Think I found the cause, air separator seems like its blocked up, the fees pipe is magnetic so would make me thing it's maganitie in there, so going to cut the lot out Saturday and put new in
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