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  1. anybody got a copy, or download link, found it on DF but only for vip download or code for v183120
  2. yes could be , uses the 98vb-12a650-bb BORN eec-v pcm the same as 99 transit and parts of the loom are for other parts are ldv.
  3. its a 2002 with the ford 2.0 8v doch engine fitted (duel fuel has lpg aswell), already found the manual Bizzay1 posted but that only covers the diesel and v8 models
  4. fook me they on the phone again do they never give up.
  5. Every morning this week I've had them, so this time spent about 30 mins on the phone winding up a nice Indian woman who was trying to get me to install team viewer, after I told her I downloaded it I told her a load of Indian porn popped up on my screen, so asked if the pictures was of her. she got rather upset at this and put her husband on phone. Funny how they both work next to each other in the TalkTalk call center.
  6. Any body got a link for wiring diagram for a ldv convoy for the 2.0 dohc petrol engine, can only find v8 and diesel versions, after engine management immobilizer and eec-v wiring.
  7. After having a blank page every morning thought it was time to see where everybody was hiding..... Looks like I found ya.
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