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  2. I find Efectum Ocean video editing software to be a very good editing software and completely free for users.
  3. Wonders of the world m8 lol Slim
  4. shamefully stolen from that other place 😀
  5. Were all still here mate. But yes, that was created as a backup forum. And it always will be here if you need us. Fon
  6. Aye KTV has pretty much covered it with why it's a bit quiet, but we are always here if you wanna lil banter now and then. Hope you are doing well goldringers Slim
  7. No worries, I just looked at the dates on alot of the threads and there's quite a few old one's ,
  8. it was mainly created by fon as a back up for when shack went down. think most forums are quiet these days but im sure if you post away youl get responses mate
  9. Seems awful quite in here any particular reason ?
  10. Pretty sure there isn't one as it stands. I think it boils down to how many ppl will wanna use it. If there's enough interest, then maybe a Datashack IRC will resurface. Slim
  11. hello, is there still an IRC server? I have tried the one listed above with no avail.
  12. Well it took me a while to make one, but I got there in the end. Slim
  13. DSCraft?! What the hell is that you may ask? (you prob already know judging by the title lol) Yep, we are going to trial a Minecraft server, and the forum side of things, will be powered by the new clubs feature. The club can be found on the following img/link It will be based on a first come, first served basis. So you join the club, the first ten names that join in chronologic order will be whitelisted on the server so they can join. For now, it will run in Survival, on Peaceful mode, so you can get a feel for the environment and how the mechanics work. We'll switch it up to easy/normal when you feel or we have something planned other than a sandboxed experience. Just on a side note, you are free to chat here, or on the club for anything related to DScraft. See ya in the voxel zone Minecraft Slim
  14. Sure, ask away. I'll do my best to answer them all Minecraft Slim
  15. If you joined the club in the right moment in time, then congratulations, your gamertag has been whitelisted. If the server seems to perform well with ten people connected at the same time, then I will reopen registration (same process as before, next ten members who join the club, will gain access) Please be aware if we get to a point where the server struggles with too many people connected, then I will have to close registration permanently , or open up some kind of donation system as I pay for this out of my own pocket. I will never ask for donations though, it's either one or the other. Slim
  16. So if your gamer tag has been whitelisted, you can connect with the following details... server url = dscraft.globalconnection.world port = 13132 That's it, the server url is one of my own domains, but may change to a more official one, if there is interested gained in this lil test venture. See ya in the voxel zone! Minecraft Slim
  17. All good here ktv, hope you are doing good yaself too. Merry Christmas to all of the Datashack Slim
  18. Merry Christmas guys Hope youre well
  19. Hmmm I wouldn't mind knowing the answer to this question too...
  20. Hairy Christmas guys. Iv just renewed the domain for another 3 years. I know it's not really used, but we're always here for you to remain in contact. Fon
  21. Here ya go Jim pal, let's get the ball rolling Santa Slimbo
  22. ktv303

    Crypto bot?

    for the meagre 100 i stuck in to safemoon the IT guy in work does it for me. i get a text now and then saying its still worth fuck all. hopefully someone will be along to help you mate.
  23. Lazzasurf

    Crypto bot?

    Hey. Does anyone use a crypto trading bot? I currently mine for free, Pi coin, i could be a shitcoin but its cost me noting so far and should go to main net by the end of the year. I have a £200 im prepared to gamble on a bot. Can anyone advise? Laz.
  24. Hi. Iv started to look at smart locks for the house. Does anyone have any experience? I have a multi point locking door. However it's not one where you pull the handle up to engage the locks. It's one where you repeatedly turn the key to engage them. Any help greatly appreciated. Fon
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