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  1. Sounds great mate. I've never been interested in driving cause I've never really had the need but I'm thinking of getting lessons over the summer. Might do one of those one week courses.
  2. Aye sounds like just one of those fly by night outfits. Get the punters in quick then vanish. Best to steer well clear
  3. Did you get it eventually mate
  4. ktv303


    Haven't watched it in years, when the regs started getting changed after senna's death they slowly strangled the sport in my opinion. You're better off watching the electric version now
  5. never mind the so close but so var they play crowd noises during the game to give the place some atmosphere dear oh dear oh dear https://www.caughtoffside.com/2019/04/17/surely-this-isnt-true-video-emerges-claiming-man-city-tested-fake-crowd-noise-ahead-of-spurs-game/?utm_source=rsn&utm_medium=rsn&utm_campaign=gac0021&fbclid=IwAR1AdUENAs9wpJSUJ21HVyKxxbkJjTe13YlMGRssyyQGNoUAK32zx6FKi5Q
  6. i still look in nearly every day but im not online as much as i used to be really.
  7. ktv303

    tips for cheltenham?

    didnt even realise it was coming up mate so not even looked. if i see anything worth of a bob or 2 ill give you a shout
  8. ktv303


    welcome aboard matey
  9. im not sure that just re-installing the same software will make any difference to what you can do with it. unless its broken that is. if it is you could just reset it to factory.
  10. sorry to hear your ill again mate. hope you get better soon.
  11. seems everyone is just trying to fuck everyone else over these days mate. im owed just under 1k for doing some panto work on the 29th of dec and the clowns are saying their next payment date is the 1st of march!!!! seriously wtf is that all about
  12. hi all whats been going on with you all? how was christmas and new year for you? ive been working like a bitch tbh but its always the same in my industry this time of year. glad to be back to normal now really. and back to the gym i go lol
  13. Not used it as much as I'd like so far mate, been busy with work and family etc. But when I have had a wee shot of it it's been quite good. Had to get a decent load of tunes on my lappy too to get the best out of it. Just using the traktor software at the mo. Need to get my tunes listened too right and try and get a decent set together. It's great for sitting stoned and just looping noises right enough.
  14. How you doing matey Hope all's well
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