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  1. ktv303


    I've grabbed golf club 2 and tomb raider to whittle away the hours. My gym set a30 day challenge of light exercise they email me a video every day and a went a walk the last 2 days. Not been near anyone else in ages. Phone never stops buzzing ringing plinking and plonking with every social media app known to man gong constantly. Got furloughed from work, work is making up the other 20% of my average so not bad for the mo. I fear this will last for a very long time. Longer than expected.
  2. ktv303


    stay safe peeps
  3. ktv303


    there is a terrible amount of nonsense on facebook and the likes about this. people refusing to believe its happening, conspiracy theories etc no need to panic but follow the advice given on the nhs or govs sites is all thats needed.
  4. no idea myself mate but from db1@MS and xr4x4
  5. belated merry christmas and a happy new year to all. hope you have a great year.
  6. hi mate glad youre well. im the same with the heat, just no used to it and sweating like prince andrew at a kiddies disco. get the links up mate, id be interested in the dj ones at least.
  7. hi all ive not been on the interwebs much lately so how you all doing. festival time for me so ive been all over the place setting things up for all and sundry. realising i fekkin hate hot weather and everything seems to be getting heavier the older i get. lol hope youre all well.
  8. airhints looks a good site. cheers for that. i obv went to mallorca during school time so got return flights for £80, accommodation (all inclusive) was only £360 too, great little complex, looked more like a spanish version of the prisoner than an actual hotel. will deff go back
  9. ktv303


    looked on a few of the usual places i use and nothing either im afraid.
  10. just back from 10 days in santa ponsa, was great, all inclusive. very relaxing. loved swimming in the sea and the pubs where well cheap. thinking of lagos in august. will be hotter than i like but ive got pals to crash with so itl be well cheap. what you got planned?
  11. ye i get the same when entering a youtube link. works ok if i just write something tho so might just be a block on links
  12. Aye that's what I thought about doing mate... Just to get it done with no fucking about . Can get a week course for between 400/600 here so just gonna do that.
  13. Sounds great mate. I've never been interested in driving cause I've never really had the need but I'm thinking of getting lessons over the summer. Might do one of those one week courses.
  14. Aye sounds like just one of those fly by night outfits. Get the punters in quick then vanish. Best to steer well clear
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