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  1. Yes I know what you mean but its very hit and miss at the moment especially with this VPN mularky, Sportsmania [who I sub too] is nowhere near as good as it was.
  2. Just received a flyer from the above offering me every S/Sport channel for £15 per month for the next 3 years [Price Guaranteed] and with no contract...not a bad offer TBH...what do ya all think ??.
  3. dopeydog


    That's sad sad news, Jester was a top man but most of all a fellow caravan/motorhomer that loved his fishing....RIP mate.
  4. Mmmm, think the Funeral option might be the better financial option m8y...
  5. Off too Benidorm in November for 2wks with the wife, we go every year for the Benidorm Festival, costs me £1200 for both of us in a 4* hotel...full board.
  6. FFS...Must get a bigger monitor.....lol
  7. Bought a DeWalt drill from Screwfix just before Xmas Goldy, came with 2x Batteries and cost just under a £100, good bita kit IMO. PS... Whats happened too my post count H.....????
  8. Sounds ok mate but just keep an eye on your monthly bill, if they are anything like Sky they will have you over .
  9. 12 dead upto now but they say it will sadly rise as the rescue services go higher up the block....another sad sad day in the UK.
  10. A popped up crab Boilie surrounded with a handful of maggots over the top did it mate.......eventually...lol
  11. Just got back today from Westerly Lake near York, caught a 9lb Carp and loads of Roach and Rudd, one decent skimmer Bream, just nice to get back into the groove really
  12. Quicker than a street corner cocaine deal that reply was Ktv...thanks matey
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