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  1. Got a mini in the living room that does nothing much than act as a radio for most of the time. Also linked my Spotify to it and it works very well TBH. Don't use it for other entertainment but if you've got a streaming account, I'd be surprised if you can't cast to the Chromecasts. Equally though, not sure if the CC will switch their TV over to the HDMI channel its connected to. Kinda defeats the auto nature of the ecosystem if you've got to hunt for the remote for example. Bought some Energenie kit on an Amazon flash deal a while back. Looked at wifi kit but took the cheapest option when it presented itself. Got 3x 'smart' plugs and a hub. This was followed by replacement light switches. Energenie kit is radio controlled, not wifi BTW. Not sure that makes much of a real-world difference as it is all connected up anyway and was simple to set up. Got some cheapo wifi bulbs too, but the novelty of changing the colour soon wore off and having 2 different brands of connected kit made switching the lights on and off a poor experience. It didn't work well as the bulbs and switch don't report their status so you could switch the bulbs off and then switch the lights off but when asking for the lights to switch on, they wouldn't because the bulbs are already 'off'. Binned the bulbs and kept the switch. Tado central heating also controlled by voice as well as the Google Home app on the phone. "Hey Google, I'm cold" for instance reacts with "OK setting the Living Room temperature to 23 degrees" via a routine. https://assistant.google.com/explore?hl=en_uk is where to start if you haven't already been there.
  2. Presume you've been there already but https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/q9ZCr6U46o7Ilvk29nefuyZnzAI/appointments shows a few addresses. Quick streetview of the most common postcode doesn't bode well though. Good luck with this.
  3. chizh

    Armos fear FX

    Access to newgroups? hxxp://www.binsearch.info/?q=AtmosFEARfx&max=100&adv_age=1100&server= Torrents? hxxps://filesdownloader.com/o.php?b=5&pv=1&mobile=&u=MTk1LjEyLjQ5LjE1MXw6Ly9rYXQuaG93L3NlYXJjaD9xPWJvbmUrY2hpbGxlcnN8TW96aWxsYS81LjAgKFdpbmRvd3MgTlQgMTAuMDsgV2luNjQ7IHg2NCkgQXBwbGVXZWJLaXQvNTM3LjM2IChLSFRNTCwgbGlrZSBHZWNrbykgQ2hyb21lLzY5LjAuMzQ5Ny43MiBTYWZhcmkvNTM3LjM2fDg1MzI5MQ%3D%3D
  4. Tried again tonight. Watched the video 3 times in a row. Got both at first then back to green needle and nothing else.
  5. always green needle for me. also cast to tv and get the same green needle. Maybe brain needle but I never hear storm. Wife hears both randomly. Daughter hears what she chooses. And not just for this video
  6. np daz. Only offering options. The skinflint in me would always DIY first. It's shagged anyway so doubt attempting to pull it would make things worse. Personally, I've never used smart repairers but the missus had one done after backing into a skip a few years back (don't ask !) and it was a really good job. Davey. Post up a pic.
  7. Also get a quote from your local smart-repair company/franchise. Sounds way too much.
  8. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cht273-suction-dent-puller/ Worth a try 1st?
  9. chizh

    Who got out of bitcoin?

    Only started trading a few weeks ago - just when things were really booming. Whilst learning - and still learning!!! - bought a few different coins and am now at -22% on the £ price I paid (excluding fees). Bought at fairly high prices TBH but the one sale I have made, got me 103% so happy that I can double my money when I get the timings right. Would be in a paper profit now if I hadn't bought into the Monaco hype and the end of Aug. There's no way I'm selling anything though. Letting the lot ride. Will also be increasing my holding on a couple if funds permit in the hope that things return to a decent level in a few weeks. Personally, I am looking at a mid- and much longer position as I doubtful I can day-trade myself into a profit and hope I can pick some decent long-term prospects. Spread the load on a range of decent long term prospects whilst playing with short term coins to keep things ticking over.
  10. 'tis very addictive. I've had a blockchain account for many years but only for funding purchases. Now have Kraken and Poloniex accounts. Find myself checking my phone at least twice an hour for the coins that I've bought into. On android I have Bitcoin Checker that sits and updates prices and also has an alert system that can be customised +/- a % or to a set value etc. Works well and does reduced the time I spend checking. Unfortunately, I too seem to have bought with the wrong timing. Bought 2 different coins and in a minus on the 'investment'. As it was a dabble with winnings from other gambling I'm not at all worried about losing the lot as they were bought with free money anyway. Actually bought 10000 of BCN a coupe of weeks ago when it was right at the top of a surge so now ~20% down on it. The other was a stupid flick of the finger when demonstrating to a mate at work how easy it was to buy 'coin. Selected the coin, typed some random figures into the buy box. "All I have to do is press 'BUY' and that's that" I said. Seeming happy with the process he walked away and I flicked out a finger to press the backspace key and hit Return instead. Ended up Buying 2534 DGB. Also running a a loss. Was tempted to just go and buy some more bitcoin but that price a has jumped to so am waiting for a while to see if I can at least get a break-even in the short term. Or might just leave them to fester and see if the longer game is the one to play.
  11. I know and understand the illegitimacy and blocking risk etc. but I just got to the point where I couldn't be arsed with activators etc. Just paid the £3 to some MSDN seller on the 'bay.
  12. Bought a token £25 worth at lunchtime on my debit card thru' BC and Coinify. Appears to have accepted as it's showing in my wallet as received 2 hrs ago - so fairly instant. Did say I'd have to wait up to 24hrs for confirmation. No emails welcoming me to Coinify or any email confirming the purchase. There's always the Fidor / Kraken route. Wasn't that bad to sign up but still had to jump thru' hoops. There's a thread on Modshack on how to I won't post the full text as not my work. Credit to djs.
  13. Blockchain.info for me. Started as a wallet only but you can also now buy&sell thru' coinify.
  14. My screen here @work must be shite. Phone won't read the QR. Had to type the key - and I got it right first time
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