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  1. Hmmm it seems the transition to electric cars, is actually starting to make sense, but i have no license lol, so i good, but reading this, it seems to be a win win situation these days Slim
  2. Merry Xmas everyone, hope you all had a good un, here's to a cracking 2020 !!! Slim
  3. Aye , but i am glad my nebulizer is stopping my asthma being problematic this year, maybe my asthma is diminsihig in some way, nout sure, but just glad i can breathe pretty normally (previous years were very worrying, thought i was gonna suffocate 😮 ) and sure, i'll drop ya some links that's my mixcloud, it intergrates with second life, hence the hamster image ( i am a hamster in that virtual world, it's good for a laugh, had a few funny comments from other dj's there) i also run a music label, which promotes artists/producers/dj's from second life, to try and get them out there into this world https://globalconnection.world/ Not sure if those links will show, for some reason my colour settings are not quite right on this. but any problems let me know, i'll IM you the links. Great hearing from you buddy, tc Slim
  4. Aye doing good m8, Hot weather, yea, fooking horrible, it's not exactly a comfortable heat, either that, or I need to lose some weight, or I am getting old hehe. Been youtubing like a mofo, with the spot of some dj'ing now and then, Also keeping up with the gaming scene, enjoying alot of good new releases Currently playing Sp0d3rm0n, Days Gone, and Dusk, (and a tonf more games, which I can't remember right now) Will get some videos posted on here soon, or just check the link in my profile, if you wanna gander Good to hear from you Ktv, glad you are doing ok Hope everyone else is doing good too Slim
  5. Still getting a 403 when I put my personal URL in my profile though. But totally stoked about the dark theme :D, some rep coming your way to the admins Slimbo
  6. Hehe #SMUG , Dark Theme ;) hehe Slim :D
  7. HackmanSlim


    I've sent you a PM Suke Slim.
  8. Oh and this might seem cheeky, but is there any chance of having a dark theme ^^ ? Slim.
  9. Hi everyone, So was browsing around the forum, and i was checking out the current state of profile (very sparse), and i thought i would spruce it up a bit However, it seems I can only fill out my bio, but when i put my youtube URL in and hit submit, i get a 403 Forbidden error. I have tried various combinations of attempts to get round the problem, but nothing seems to work Is it my end? any ideas ? Slim.
  10. Ty for the share Goldringers, will defintely check this out a bit later on, and for sure, i'll share the link out as much as i can Thanks bud Slim
  11. Ok have sent you a private message Slim
  12. so you flashing the rom correctly ? how are you doing it, with usb cable ? or via the gui ? a little more info is needed Slim
  13. The following site is good for stock roms, the mxq pro 4k is listed here also https://chinagadgetsreviews.com/ Please be aware, some mxq pro 4k have different amlogic cpu's, they are listed as the following s905 s905x s905w (there are others also, but these are the main ones) You have to use the exact rom, for your Amlogic chip, s905 is the most common, but i noticed lately the s905x is being used more these days. If you match it up, you will have no problems Slim
  14. Been struck down with illness since the start of 2019, still trying to pick myself up in some way or the other. Hanging in there as you do, checking the forums as much as i can, hope to stream again soon, when i am feeling better. Hope everyone else is as better as I am right now lol Slim
  15. all good m8, have a good evening Slim
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