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  1. Mik25

    Peugeot 207

  2. my script still works and doesn't use kms if this has been caught R2TBN-VMJHW-BHMPY-BF2P2-DC9GM…win10 pro online activation key https://mega.nz/#!Fccgia4Q!YtT_ZZhvGEPfI0m6nyrfl__qgoUHA8w5nKEAny91Ans
  3. This guy has a few adam beyer sets,you would need to look at the rest.
  4. Use tidal instead of spotify,plenty on torrents too.
  5. working mod apk made by mrdude after some encouragement https://mega.nz/#!9R0QDSza!v0fD36FrJYFyRnFO9rqpSS4D03lcCs4AhfBD9z0cus8
  6. might be too late but i've hacked dongle sw that would do this now
  7. Mik25

    screen help

    send me the log file from this m8 https://mega.nz/#!Uc1jiDKQ!kHrkJREykgVMTDlbvGGCZuV1kv1uRbZ0ZyE-sVBej4Q monitor test https://mega.nz/#!JAFUjZKZ!hQvQNwT0F8zJhvxruY8xYrotfheVj5VUq-dR0BZA9OU
  8. Mik25

    screen help

    its not any of those..60 is a low rate.i'd start by making sure all the drivers and sw for your gpu are current m8 i can get you sw for a monitor test do you not have a hdmi port?
  9. Fixes x86 https://mega.nz/#!NNVUwbDL Arm https://mega.nz/#!tU9kTRZB
  10. Mik25

    screen help

    try other resolutions and refresh rates first to see if the problem persists.it helps rule out some things
  11. Mik25

    screen help

    what type of monitor is it?
  12. Mik25

    screen help

    fix what m8? if you mean having fon on there you've had it,think he runs the place
  13. The dogfood mod has been patched,the apk needs a proper edit,depending on your arm vers there are a couple of beta's still working. if you are rooted you can use an xposed module for skips. if you want to "test" official apk,you won't find a simpler checker than this thing https://mega.nz/#!QM9iQTDT!B292q2NjAsz4AF6NyIVupCOYVOrvouee2sNy_Pd4hOc
  14. needs a read with a new type box like an avenger i'm afraid m8 you'll need to buy a code
  15. That get's you stabbed in your sleep later that night fs.
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