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  1. How did I miss this! I'm still here. Sorry,= for not replying sooner. Regards Clint
  2. Likewise Snuffs Something not quite right about me getting it for nothing, but I'll gladly stick £30 in to my local Hospice under both our names? Lets wait n see what happens after chrimbo. Have a great one mate & thanks again. Clint
  3. Ahh that's much better. Mant thanks for sorting that bug out. I haven't got to play hunt the send button now.
  4. I got the same problem with the formatting. I have reset the IE settings as said above, but it still the same issue. Once I type out a reply, the post button as about a third of the way across using the scroll button. If it makes any diference, I am using Windows 7 IE11. The forum formats ok in Chrome. Cheers Clint
  5. Hey Goldy and all Well the saga continues. I had so much trouble getting hold of this Debt recovery agency, the person on the letter was always out the office, i left several voicemail messages over more than a few weeks never returned this is after I had made an offer to settle for a lesser amount, pleading poverty, that they said they would put to AXA, who is the party involved. Anyhow, I gave up chasing the debt recovery agency, and spent several hours on the phone trying to contact AXA directly. Anyhow on day 2 of several phonecalls and an hour on the phone, I got a number for someone that actually knew what they were talking about. The fact that they wanted proof of my story, with me sending them the temporary insurance certificate proving that the car was insured, and that it was a mistake as we thought it ended midnight, gives me some hope that they are reconsidering the situation. Maybe taking what you've said (Goldy) that its maybe not my sons fault totally? They asked me via email for proof of temporary insurance, and I laid out the story in full, and am waiting to hear back from them re this matter. I'll post back when something happens. Cheers Clint
  6. Hi Goldy I've read your posts and as much as I can see the legality or responsibility of what your saying, Unfortunately he was not using the car strictly speaking at the time of the accident for work purposes. He was driving the car back to work, but that was on his way back from his weekly football match that he plays in, that aside, the other thing to consider is that the Debt recovery agency isn't concerned the reasons, legalities or ethics of the argument. They just want the money. As far as they are concerned, I can argue about it later. Also if I don't pay and it goes to court, if it doesn't go in my sons favour, we will end up with court costs on top?
  7. Hey Goldy Sadly its true. Its not that unusual if you think of it. Whenever I've got car insurance, especially a new policy, not a renewal. They always ask me what time you want it to start. or they say, your covered immediately. I'm guessing my sons boss got the 7 day temporary policy and when asked when he would like it to start, he probably said "immediately". Then he gave the documents to my son and said. "There ya go, you got a car to drive now for a week". My son almost certainly, like most of us, didn't read the expiry of the policy, which would have been 7 days from when it was arranged. That's how I see it, anyhow. The only get out of Jail free, might be to put it back on his employer by saying that the duty to ensure that the company vehicle is insured at all times that it is being used is possibly his job. However, the opposing argument could be that he wasn't carrying out work duties wen the accident happened? The more I think about it the more complicated it gets. I can confirm that I have seen a copy of the temporary insurance document and it does end at 17:30 in the evening. Regards Clint
  8. Cheers KTV Your advice is appreciated. I rang up DAC Beechcroft and they are going to email me details of cost when they get them. Its just frustrating as he was insured at least twice, as he was insured to drive his car which was off the road for repairs, and he was insured on the company van that he had an accident in, but the insurance had run out by a few hours. Oh well, at least there is no sign as yet of any Criminal prosecution for driving without insurance!
  9. Hi KTV Sadly although my son has no longer got the paperwork for the temporary insurance, once we were notified that he was not covered, I checked the temporary insurance paperwork and it did indeed have a finish time on it. I'm guessing that My sons boss arranged it at 17:30 in the evening, and so that's why it ended at that time 7 days later. I rang up DAC Beachcroft claims and they seemed quite reasonable, I explained that we are currently seeking legal advice and I also let them know that they are looking to get monies from someone on benefits earning £10 per hour supporting a wife and 2 kids, not a multi national Organisation or an insurance company. They took my email address and said they would email over the details of costs when they get them? I'm hoping to get one of the free debt advice companies to write a letter on my sons behalf to verify his very low income and suggest a low monthly repayment is all that is available, and that if they wish to proceed with any legal action, tis will result in court costs that will never be recouped? I don't really know what else to do.
  10. Hey Y'all Long story, but here we go. About a year ago my son was involved in an accident, (his fault) and his car was out of action while being repaired by the insurer. After asking all and sundry if he could borrow our cars and all of us saying no can do as we need them. My son's employer very kindly said he would add him to company insurance of the company Van whilst his car is out of action. All with me so far.... Wait for it. Well apparently, my son's boss couldn't get him on the company insurance as he hadn't had enough driving experience, so his boss very kindly forked out for some temporary insurance for 1 week for my son to drive the company vehicle, whilst awaiting his car to be repaired, so that my son could get into work. Stay with me...... Now while driving the company van back to work at the end of the week after my son had got his car back, he had another accident! (don't ask, he's a thick git at times) and ended up writing off the company vehicle by pulling out of a T Junction without looking properly and getting T Boned by another vehicle. No problem we thought as he's insured by the temporary cover...... Errrrr no! it ran out about 2 hours before the accident, at around 5.30 in the evening, accident was around 7.30pm. So anyway, he did the right thing an gave his details to the poor guy that he pulled out on. The temporary insurance after several months blew the claim out, saying he wasn't covered at the time of the accident, and said they would pass on the claim to the original insurer of the van, which is the company insurance. We never heard anything for more months, and then my son received a phone call from the company insurance who said that the claim had been paid ( I assume by accident) and would he like to pay any money towards the claim. My son explained that he was, and still is earning £10 per hour and lives in a 2 bed council flat supporting his girlfriend and 2 kids and is on benefits and cant afford to pay anything. So they said ok thanks, and that was that. Skip forward another 3 months to the other day, when my son receives a letter from DAC Beachcroft Claims ltd Saying that "They have been instructed by AXA (his boss's company car insurance co.) to recover their losses arising from the aforementioned incident. And that they hold him responsible in negligence for their clients outlay in this matter" " Details of their clients outlay shortly to follow, alternatively pass this letter onto his insurer to deal with the claim". It then goes onto say "Please accept this letter as formal notice Pursuant to section 151 and 152 of the Road traffic act 1988. Should he choose to make an interim payment it may not cover the full amount claimed and they reserve the right to retain the payment on an interim basis whilst investigations continue and may still result in court proceedings. So help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes he acknowledges that the accident was his fault, but he thought he was insured, as most insurances finish at midnight, not 5.30 in the afternoon. So other than accepting full responsibility and offering to pay £10 per month which is all he could afford, especially as we don't know how much this claim could end up being. What can we do to mitigate the situation?
  11. I'm the Tea drinker in the house, the Missus Clint is partial to a coffee, which I tend to make. She likes the Nescafe Azeera for everyday instant, or I got an Gaggia Classic Machine that I bought her one year, but unfortunately again I'm the only bugger that can use it properly. (yes, that old ploy) So I end up making the coffee for her. Clint
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