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  1. https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1095512/keith-flint-dead-the-prodigy-gail-porter-tribute-latest-news-cause-of-death Some great tunes from this lot, Sad things is im nearly the same age, starts making me think about my future....? Fon
  2. Fon

    tips for cheltenham?

    I'll say it again. Do matched betting. You can't lose! www.tinyurl.com/jonyfon Fon
  3. OMG its Finger! Good to see you mate, Fon
  4. Got promoted to deputy running the flying school. Then the airlines started recruiting all our instructors. Now left with too many students and no instructors and turning away business, Starting to think its going to look bad on me! Fon
  5. Fon


    Dont be sorry, I created this place when datacave closed. Its purpose was to be somewhere to meet if other places shut down. Feel free to post this type of stuff whenever you want. Fon
  6. I made this place to be a stable place if every where else shuts down. So you guys can keep chatting. Iv recently paid for another three years to keep the site running. I know that its not used much, and to be honest Im not that concerned, as this was not my intention when making it. Happy Xmas, and happy lurking fellas! Fon
  7. Decided I want google home in nearly every room with chromecast on every tv. What can I do? Im interested in anything it can already do, plus what next? Lights etc? Cheers, Fon
  8. To this day, the only game I play is UT99. Play it a few times every week online.
  9. Fon

    Armos fear FX

    I just put the projector facing a blanket over a window upstairs. I use a youtube video and an extension to keep it looping. Works a treat Fon
  10. Had a great voice, But, not someone you would want to be arguing with! THINK! Fon
  11. These aircraft on the ground are like a greenhouse! Fon
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