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  1. Merry Christmas Datashack people !
  2. I actually purchased a PS1 a month or so back and shoved a chip in it to bypass the old loader check, used an old gold card I managed to find lol. Then I had to mess with a converter to get the Video on my 49” LG Now I played the old favourites. You know Crash; V Rally, Touring Cars etc using the old PS1 controller, it was ace and you know what I had more fun on those games than any of the modern ones. So I am either getting older or the gameplay was better years ago ? S
  3. Decent camera to use on our travels; then the usual stuff. Must admit I am not the biggest fan of Christmas lol
  4. Mr_Spark

    Englands Group

    It looks easy; however we will probably make it look hard - but yes we should proceed I just want England to have a go; better to lose going for it than tip-tappy football and at the best penalties in the knock out stages S
  5. Mr_Spark


    Sad news Top guy and always helpful Spark
  6. I got out 2 weeks ago; more luck than any judgment - price was sky high; I cashed in
  7. Good to see you here
  8. Well its somewhat backfired on Mrs May.... Hung Parliament Q. 1) Will she fall on her own sword and step down ? If so who would take over....... 2) Who will the Tories get in bed with to create coalition ? 3) Is this bad news for the country ?
  9. Everyone should vote ? People died for democracy....
  10. I am voting Conservative for the 1st time in my life; I don't agree with radical socialism and believe it would be a disaster. However the main thing is everyone votes and everyone respects each others decision. I predict a Tory win by a +70 seat majority Your thoughts ? S
  11. Hoping and praying this is not as bad as it 1st looks S
  12. King Prawns, Seafood and Crispy Veg/salad are my thing at the moment FFS @ Fon (well done steak aka burnt); you my as well order a burger ! Steak is far more tender and tasty with juices flowing !
  13. As I say golringers everyone as choice I happen to disagree with you on most of yours; but then that's ok
  14. Killing is wrong and as such should be denounced by all mankind. As for other comments; we have to respect choice? If someone chooses Jesus why would you put them down; same as if someone does not why would you judge them? Church in our country fills huge gaps in care and community; its good and I happen to think people meeting at Church is v good. Perhaps (depending on what you believe) the people who do the killing are lied to be it spiritually or by another or both; radicalised is what we call it - now that's the route cause ? If we agree that's the route cause then we have a question. "What makes a man believe its OK and a good thing to kill those not believing what he feels is 100% correct" ? Why would he think that? Destroying/killing and destruction?? My heart and prayers go out to all those people in such tragic times; such a barbaric act. S
  15. Welcome mate - good to see you still about S
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