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    tips for cheltenham?

    I gave up on matched betting after I got gubbed at sky bet and bet365. Stupid really as I made 1400 in 4 months or so. Now trying to get back into it , times really limited but keen to do something and set myself a target of £10 a day this month. 2days in and £26 up so money is there to be made. Id strongly advise anyone to try it, just read the guides and take your time
  2. Fairplay to you FON This is a good site where some good like minded people can mingle Christ just realized I made it sound like a dating site! , lol
  3. mitchb

    Gaming desktop Help

    He ended up changing his mind and wanting a nvidea shield instead as only wanted for a few games as he has a switch and PS4 already. Thinking my project for next year will either be a Gaming PC build or a raspberry PI arcade cabinet
  4. mitchb

    Gaming desktop Help

    So with xmas coming the wee man is talking about wanting a gaming PC. Not the most up to date with PC's anymore so looking for any assistance and guidance. Budget is £500 - £600 Games he plays are CS go, Fortnite and will want to play fallout 76. From what I've gathered an i5 7 series with gtx1060 would play these games and will come within price point - But could be wrong
  5. Destiny 2 is available on PS plus for free this month if you have PS plus.
  6. mitchb

    Armos fear FX

    So the missus is thinking of holding a Halloween party and has saw some of the atmos fear software running through a projector Seems quite pricey for £200 for 1 night, anyone seen any links for this stuff
  7. Welcome mate, Natives are friendly
  8. Yeah , have seen them and really fancy doing one when I get time, although often think about buying an old cabinet and modifying to save time but would prefer to build my own from scratch. Got an old 24" LCD TV , never actually been used so more like new , so have the main parts just the cabinet and controls would be needed.
  9. Yeah, that would be good mate Got a full set of Roms somewhere but cant find them. Cheers
  10. That on a proper arcade or a raspebery pi mate? Been meaning to add MAMe to my Pi but never got round to it, any good ?
  11. Been using a video editor - Wondershare filmora to create a PIP video from 2 sources I have. Ive got it completed and rendered and its added a watermark right through it as its a trial version Does any one have / know where to get a licence for Free Or Have a suggestion for other software that is similar Cheers
  12. mitchb

    Peugeot 207

    Cheers mate, any help is appreciated. Don't go to any bother though , just if you find one on your travels around the web
  13. mitchb

    Peugeot 207

    Cheers, although that's the owners handbook rather than a workshop manual when you click through, its still a help as I don't have that. Managed to replace the rear coil spring using information from the Peugeot forums. Typically the front one has went now and its a fair bit more difficult to do, might get to it in a few weeks.
  14. mitchb

    Peugeot 207

    Never really done repairs on my cars myself but fancy giving it a go Bought a little Peugeot 207 run around as a second car that I can try repair and don't mind it being off the road or me making a bullocks of things. Need to replace the rear coil springs which seems like it might be easy enough Anyone got any experience with or workshop manuals for a 07 plate 207
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