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  1. Cheers guys, got it up and running, now got to find some tunes, any good sites you can recommend?
  2. How are you getting on with the controller? Also what software did you go for.
  3. Also have a look hduk for laptop. I found this if this is any good, good reviews: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/asus-vivobook-max-x541ua-go1302t-intel-i3-6006u-4gb-1tb-silver-w10-refurb-grade-a-19999-at-xs-only-3041097
  4. Good luck ,and hope you win on eBay.
  5. Was that brand new? Just wait for ebay, at least you know it’s going to be around £300, maybe look at some more and hopefully the auctions finish on late evening or a Sunday.you will be more happy, and hopefully save some money. I would buy a case to protect tbh,then you got the complete kit. maybe a external harddribe for your tunes, but I don’t know where to download, only sportify.
  6. Ok, only one left lol. also looked, you can get a case for it for £45. now your budget might going up.
  7. Looks good, thinking about this aswell, use to have technics 1210 turntables and do pubs and clubs, then had kids. i suppose how much is your budget £300-£500?
  8. Glad you got it sorted out. i had the same problem with Nero,the links expired. maybe we need to keep a back up copy if possible.
  9. I just started off with a mdf cabinet from ebay, around £70. i think once you buy this, your have your machine up and running. but if you buy a sheet of mdf, then you need to tools, a little bit more hard work.
  10. Raspberry pi, yes, works well. let me know if want some roms
  11. Now playing simpsons, makes a change from Facebook and snapchat lol
  12. Good evening all, England out, playing Kung fu master on my arcade machine. if need help I’ll send you tons. what have you been up to ?
  13. Today’s the day!!! what have you gone for lads? and wish you all good luck, as we all know, it’s anyones race.
  14. Just downloaded the app, you put card to back of phone, job done in 2 seconds. it has extra data on it, and shows you all your transactions. try for yourselfs and do what Diaz said, change our cards to non countless card.
  15. Yes that’s what I got, but I don’t know if was allowed to post it. i might have to try it for research on the missus, about time she brought some drinks in the pub. grand national will be a good day lol
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