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  2. https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1095512/keith-flint-dead-the-prodigy-gail-porter-tribute-latest-news-cause-of-death Some great tunes from this lot, Sad things is im nearly the same age, starts making me think about my future....? Fon
  3. Always remember, it's a gentleman's agreement. Lets say the bookie"thinks" or they have a hunch something's not right with your bet they can simply cancel the bet before it takes place regardless. You can complain say to the IBAS but the chances are very slim. they claimed back 7000 in 2017 but they dont say how many complaints were made and lost. As me owd fella use to say, you never a bookie driving a clapped out Ford Escort. Some years ago I had a bet and should have won close on £2000, I placed an each way 3 horse bet ...3 ew doubles 1 ew treble. 2 won at v.g odds ans 3rd was second at huge odds was around 50/1 so the ew treble was the main winner. I went to collect and, the small independant bookie handed me a about £150-200 something like that. I asked him wtf he said no no are rules on this type of bet are different from all the rest. We don't use "win win place place" ,,,are default bet on this type of bet is "ew all ew" which pays more if all 3 win but if one horse doesn't it pays far far less. Now considering my type of bet and odds I was always looking at all 3 to be placed but been truthful never all 3 to win. I never calculated my bet on ew all ew or I would have written that on. He said if you wanted win win place place you should have written it on the slip. Now every bookie at that time in the land default be on a 3 horse ew bet was win win place place not ex all ew. Lets say at that time I went to say a Ladbrokes and placed my bet there if I wanted ex all ew I would have to write that on the slip but no with the bookie I put it on with. If I wanted win win place place at any other bookies I did not need to write win win place place as this was the default bet. So I said , were the fook does it say that in here ?? he said over there and freshly put up tucked away right in the corner on the size of 1/2 a A4 sheet was a freshly typed up rule explaining this. I wrote to the bookies arbitration of the time and got told basically its a gentleman's agreement and I should have read the rules. My point been, bookies rules are different, they can do as they please when they want and how they fook the like it. If they think you are arbitrage betting or anything remotely similar which is what you're saying they ban you and cancel your bet without notice. So if you care doing these bet on both and win ? , always be prepared for one of them to be cancelled which is exactly what happened to me. Little did I know that, some obscere Asian bookie I laid one half of my bet with was owned by the same firm I placed the other half with and they cancelled 1 bet Bookies do not like match betting and if found they can and will ban you but they like to ban you while your bets ready to go or 1 half of the bet has took place.
  4. daz2905

    tips for cheltenham?

    They know you and probably got suspicious when you started winning 😂
  5. There is money to be made granted but once those sign up offers run out it becomes that much harder and your stake up and up to make less and less and so does the risk factor because it is NOT risk free. I've tried it and you can can make money (at first) and you can get stung especially when a bookie cancels half of the bet for no apparent reason which they can do. Their terms and conditions read like the fookin Magna Carta & War and Peace stitched together. How do I know this ? , lets say I found out the hard way. Alot of the bookies are under one roof same as the high street loan shark companies. Some of the obscure ones abroad are linked so once they flag up on their systems you have account here and one there and you've placed the bet , , bump ! they hit the cancel button on one of the bets.
  6. mitchb

    tips for cheltenham?

    I gave up on matched betting after I got gubbed at sky bet and bet365. Stupid really as I made 1400 in 4 months or so. Now trying to get back into it , times really limited but keen to do something and set myself a target of £10 a day this month. 2days in and £26 up so money is there to be made. Id strongly advise anyone to try it, just read the guides and take your time
  7. bit old but, if you want it rapid bonding epoxy resin from a pound shop mixh the two tubes together, will be rock solid in 20mins otherwise the usual liquid nails all them mastic gun type glues would do.
  8. Fon

    tips for cheltenham?

    I'll say it again. Do matched betting. You can't lose! www.tinyurl.com/jonyfon Fon
  9. ktv303

    tips for cheltenham?

    didnt even realise it was coming up mate so not even looked. if i see anything worth of a bob or 2 ill give you a shout
  10. I'll resurrect an old thread, Cheltenham's just round the corner, anything you got your eye on that's worthy of a quid or 2 ?
  11. He's a pro at taking then dumping. I'm sorry to say it but the only way you'll get at the likes of him will be outside of the law. There's a rule for them and a rule for us
  12. Snuffs99

    Gaming desktop Help

    Bit late (well really late i suppose) but i'd have gone for the 2nd gen Ryzen 7 2700X over teh first gen 1700X as your mobo (450) is designed for it...It was also a good move on the M2 although i hope you went for a v-nand M.2 and not just a basic M.2 ssd, kind of wasting the M2 slot otherwise....huge, huge, huge difference in speed and performance....Samsung Evo 970 v-nand for instance read and write at 3000+MB/sec compared to standard M.2 and SSD's at around the 500MB mark. As with many things PC wise you buy stuff then a few weeks later a newer thing comes out...in your case it was a 1070 GTX card and they have now released the 2060 RTX at not much mroe price wise.......typical that though and usually happens to me. lol Either way what you have built will play any modern game for a while so not all bad, plus its still upgradable to 2nd gen Ryzen should you want to update later down the line....oh and i think a 550W PSU is fine tbh, most newer tech actually uses less W wise compared to older stuff so its doubtful you will max the PSU out.
  13. Ty for the share Goldringers, will defintely check this out a bit later on, and for sure, i'll share the link out as much as i can Thanks bud Slim
  14. Here's my son's bands 2nd release, "Della Noirs - Perfect Strangers" If you have Spotify please add them to your playlist or forward the link on to whoever might wanna give it a listen. Every little hit helps them massively , big thanks to all much appreciated;-
  15. I need tp glue down some carpet grippers, can't nail as underfloor heating, need a fast setting adhesive to glue them to concrete any suggestions I've heard of pink grip and gripfill extra ideally need to be able to goto a shop ie screwfix tool station etc to but this stuff for the thursday
  16. Ok have sent you a private message Slim
  17. Hiya Slim Tried using USB burning tool with usb cable mate but doesn't pick it up although it works fine on all my other boxes cheers
  18. so you flashing the rom correctly ? how are you doing it, with usb cable ? or via the gui ? a little more info is needed Slim
  19. Tried mate but no joy. Your probably right although the box is brand new
  20. Thanks Dar the problem i have got is it says " unfortunately the browser has stopped working" every time i download or try to install an app. I have been through everything that everyone has mentioned regarding a fix for this on the net but no joy.
  21. thanks slim will give it a go
  22. https://www.entertainmentbox.com/android-firmware-downloads/
  23. The following site is good for stock roms, the mxq pro 4k is listed here also https://chinagadgetsreviews.com/ Please be aware, some mxq pro 4k have different amlogic cpu's, they are listed as the following s905 s905x s905w (there are others also, but these are the main ones) You have to use the exact rom, for your Amlogic chip, s905 is the most common, but i noticed lately the s905x is being used more these days. If you match it up, you will have no problems Slim
  24. ktv303


    welcome aboard matey
  25. im not sure that just re-installing the same software will make any difference to what you can do with it. unless its broken that is. if it is you could just reset it to factory.
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