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  2. Top Idea, few competitive lads in here
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  4. It might be a bellend question but what do you do with the points ?, it's not "Anything on the bottom level please lovey !" and then I end up with a Bros keyring is it ?
  5. The battery's that are charged from the cars alone, come from braking. The car use's a generator to break, or when coasting. So they are more efficient. And your breaks can last several years without replacement (provided you actually put the car in nutural and use them once in a while or they just corrode) Phev models are ok, but I wanted less repairs. No filters, no DPF to get blocked, no exhaust to fall off, no engine management lights, no plugs, etc... Plus with a Phev you are only getting about 30 miles from a charge as your lugging the engine around all the time. You really have to be careful in your planning. When I collected the car I had to drive a few hundred miles back. I did lots of research and you need a plan b and c, as you may arrive at a charger to find someone else using it, or a petrol car (ice) blocking it. It could also be faulty. If you dont have spare miles in the battery to find another charger your screwed. Some people phone ahead to make sure its working. There are loads of different companies providing chargers. So you end up with loads of apps on your phone to start the charging process. I was lucky on the way back. I planned two charges and both were as expected. I charged from about 20% to 80% in 25 mins. I paid about double what I would pay at home. In that time I played with Android Auto in the car, and ate a Big Mac. I dont plan to charge on the road daily, as my work home commute is only 50 miles and I can charge from home. A lot of supermarkets are now installing free chargers so I may give that a bash later. Fon
  6. Well done Fon! I'm still trying to get over my IC engine separation anxiety so have been looking at PHEV vehicles. I don't understand the selling point of 'battery charged from the car engine' stuff as all you are doing is converting fossil fuel to electric at a fairly low efficiency, you may just as well run the IC engine. I think it is purely for the company car crowd due to the tax breaks. I have a shit load of solar around the house that I currently pump into a set of Lion batteries to run the home, so I 'm comfortable that the technology and process seems sound. Keep us posted 👍
  7. Sounds great mate. I've never been interested in driving cause I've never really had the need but I'm thinking of getting lessons over the summer. Might do one of those one week courses.
  8. Aye sounds like just one of those fly by night outfits. Get the punters in quick then vanish. Best to steer well clear
  9. Im doing £200 a month in fuel at the moment. Iv found a Hyundai Ionic that is totally electric, not one of these hybrid things where you still have an engine to drag around. The range varies with temperature and driving style, but I should get between 130-150 miles on a charge. That charge will cost me £3 from a home charger. They can be charged from a normal 3 pin plug (10 hours). Or a faster charger that you can install at home for about £300 (4 hours.) Or a rapid charger installed at varies places around the uk (double the cost to charge but only 30 mins) IF you want to know how many rapid chargers there are near you get Zapmap. Seems like a no brainer to me. The money im going to save in fuel / tax, along with it being half the money to insure than my current Merc, makes it all make sense. And the battery has a warranty for 8 years, the car for 5 years, (im buying a two year old one for £16K) Its got all the bells and whistles, cruise where it will slow down if the car in front slows down, it will turn round bends if it sees the white lines by itself (you must still touch the steering wheel every 30 seconds) and android play etc. Ill let you know how I get on, but thought after many months of research Id share the idea to other geeks who fancy a new project. Fon
  10. No, had to put a PayPal claim in and they eventually coughed up. There still advertising but now there saying "Low on stock, grab one quick"....so I emailed them and said "So have you got the phone at hand in shop for immediate mailing ?" their response was "No, we are still trying to source out stock were not sure when". Steer clear they are frauds
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  12. I'm still around - always was more of a lurker tbf
  13. suke


    Tried the electric but didn't seem quite right if you know what i mean. I must give it a bit more of my time and see if i can get into it
  14. Did you get it eventually mate
  15. ktv303


    Haven't watched it in years, when the regs started getting changed after senna's death they slowly strangled the sport in my opinion. You're better off watching the electric version now
  16. suke


    Getting a bit boring now, what do you think
  17. Has anyone used these https://www.eglobalcentraluk.com/ I placed an order 8th April for a phone for a present thinking I was giving them plenty of time as the birthday is only on the10th May but the friggin thing is still showing "Processing" in my order tracking. What p&sses me off is, their still taking orders for the same phone but they've just emailed me saying they don't have stock and are trying to source out stock 3 fookin weeks since I placed my order. I only ordered from here because it was £70 cheaper but turns out they never had them in the first place even though I asked before ordering "Do you have the phone in stock to ship asap ?" and they replied yes. totally utter fookin annoying rant !!
  18. never mind the so close but so var they play crowd noises during the game to give the place some atmosphere dear oh dear oh dear https://www.caughtoffside.com/2019/04/17/surely-this-isnt-true-video-emerges-claiming-man-city-tested-fake-crowd-noise-ahead-of-spurs-game/?utm_source=rsn&utm_medium=rsn&utm_campaign=gac0021&fbclid=IwAR1AdUENAs9wpJSUJ21HVyKxxbkJjTe13YlMGRssyyQGNoUAK32zx6FKi5Q
  19. I'm here, still lurking in the background
  20. i still look in nearly every day but im not online as much as i used to be really.
  21. Im here too! Just not too much spare time lately
  22. I promised to keep this place open for you guys, and I will until my dying breath! Ill hope its a place you can all come to if other places shut. So who's still here? Fon
  23. https://www.express.co.uk/celebrity-news/1095512/keith-flint-dead-the-prodigy-gail-porter-tribute-latest-news-cause-of-death Some great tunes from this lot, Sad things is im nearly the same age, starts making me think about my future....? Fon
  24. Always remember, it's a gentleman's agreement. Lets say the bookie"thinks" or they have a hunch something's not right with your bet they can simply cancel the bet before it takes place regardless. You can complain say to the IBAS but the chances are very slim. they claimed back 7000 in 2017 but they dont say how many complaints were made and lost. As me owd fella use to say, you never a bookie driving a clapped out Ford Escort. Some years ago I had a bet and should have won close on £2000, I placed an each way 3 horse bet ...3 ew doubles 1 ew treble. 2 won at v.g odds ans 3rd was second at huge odds was around 50/1 so the ew treble was the main winner. I went to collect and, the small independant bookie handed me a about £150-200 something like that. I asked him wtf he said no no are rules on this type of bet are different from all the rest. We don't use "win win place place" ,,,are default bet on this type of bet is "ew all ew" which pays more if all 3 win but if one horse doesn't it pays far far less. Now considering my type of bet and odds I was always looking at all 3 to be placed but been truthful never all 3 to win. I never calculated my bet on ew all ew or I would have written that on. He said if you wanted win win place place you should have written it on the slip. Now every bookie at that time in the land default be on a 3 horse ew bet was win win place place not ex all ew. Lets say at that time I went to say a Ladbrokes and placed my bet there if I wanted ex all ew I would have to write that on the slip but no with the bookie I put it on with. If I wanted win win place place at any other bookies I did not need to write win win place place as this was the default bet. So I said , were the fook does it say that in here ?? he said over there and freshly put up tucked away right in the corner on the size of 1/2 a A4 sheet was a freshly typed up rule explaining this. I wrote to the bookies arbitration of the time and got told basically its a gentleman's agreement and I should have read the rules. My point been, bookies rules are different, they can do as they please when they want and how they fook the like it. If they think you are arbitrage betting or anything remotely similar which is what you're saying they ban you and cancel your bet without notice. So if you care doing these bet on both and win ? , always be prepared for one of them to be cancelled which is exactly what happened to me. Little did I know that, some obscere Asian bookie I laid one half of my bet with was owned by the same firm I placed the other half with and they cancelled 1 bet Bookies do not like match betting and if found they can and will ban you but they like to ban you while your bets ready to go or 1 half of the bet has took place.
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