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  2. Happy New Year to you all! Yes I'm still here 😁
  3. belated merry christmas and a happy new year to all. hope you have a great year.
  4. Happy new year to one and all
  5. Hmmm it seems the transition to electric cars, is actually starting to make sense, but i have no license lol, so i good, but reading this, it seems to be a win win situation these days Slim
  6. Its fantastic mate. No regrets, I do 50 miles a day for work. In the summer I charge every other day, and in the winter I charge every day. Im saving about £160 a month on fuel alone. Iv gone onto EDF electric car tariff so my electric is half price between 9PM and 7AM. Its also half price all weekend. It costs me about £1 to do those 50 miles. Im also saving by running the washing machine and dishwasher in the cheaper tariff. Also zero car tax. The warranty and piece of mind is fantastic. Had to use it once as the headlights were fogging up. Got a replacement car for the day free of charge. And the warranty includes AA breakdown for free. I thought id push myself and drove it to the Netherlands via Calais. Lidl have free rapid charging in the supermarkets so basically I drove there Lidl hopping! I got there for nothing!. I basically charged every hundred miles, which worked out well with the kids needing toilet brakes. The charge took 20 mins. The only way I can see this car not working for me, would be if I couldn't charge at home. As all the UK free chargers are in supermarkets, and they are not the quickest taking about 4 hours to charge from nothing to full. And paying for rapid charging at double the cost would make it about £6 for 150 miles which would start comparing to a efficient small car. (although you would still have all the troubles of dealing with car engines, oil leaks, exhausts etc. ) If you need any advice just ask. If you want to know where chargers are near you, get zapmap installed on your phone. Fon
  7. Been six months + now, any updates on how it's going? Any new pitfalls to going electric? I got a 2ltr diesel and now only a 4 min drive to work and it dont even get warm so need to do something ie get a small motor.
  8. Been a while, but Happy New Year Folk
  9. Merry Xmas everyone, hope you all had a good un, here's to a cracking 2020 !!! Slim
  10. merry crimbo everyone, hope Santa's good to you all !
  11. Yeah, what they said! Have a great one
  12. Aye Happy Christmas people, Hope you have lovely family time. Fon
  13. Merry Christmas Datashack people !
  14. How did I miss this! I'm still here. Sorry,= for not replying sooner. Regards Clint
  15. Aye , but i am glad my nebulizer is stopping my asthma being problematic this year, maybe my asthma is diminsihig in some way, nout sure, but just glad i can breathe pretty normally (previous years were very worrying, thought i was gonna suffocate 😮 ) and sure, i'll drop ya some links that's my mixcloud, it intergrates with second life, hence the hamster image ( i am a hamster in that virtual world, it's good for a laugh, had a few funny comments from other dj's there) i also run a music label, which promotes artists/producers/dj's from second life, to try and get them out there into this world https://globalconnection.world/ Not sure if those links will show, for some reason my colour settings are not quite right on this. but any problems let me know, i'll IM you the links. Great hearing from you buddy, tc Slim
  16. hi mate glad youre well. im the same with the heat, just no used to it and sweating like prince andrew at a kiddies disco. get the links up mate, id be interested in the dj ones at least.
  17. Aye doing good m8, Hot weather, yea, fooking horrible, it's not exactly a comfortable heat, either that, or I need to lose some weight, or I am getting old hehe. Been youtubing like a mofo, with the spot of some dj'ing now and then, Also keeping up with the gaming scene, enjoying alot of good new releases Currently playing Sp0d3rm0n, Days Gone, and Dusk, (and a tonf more games, which I can't remember right now) Will get some videos posted on here soon, or just check the link in my profile, if you wanna gander Good to hear from you Ktv, glad you are doing ok Hope everyone else is doing good too Slim
  18. hi all ive not been on the interwebs much lately so how you all doing. festival time for me so ive been all over the place setting things up for all and sundry. realising i fekkin hate hot weather and everything seems to be getting heavier the older i get. lol hope youre all well.
  19. Still getting a 403 when I put my personal URL in my profile though. But totally stoked about the dark theme :D, some rep coming your way to the admins Slimbo
  20. Hehe #SMUG , Dark Theme ;) hehe Slim :D
  21. airhints looks a good site. cheers for that. i obv went to mallorca during school time so got return flights for £80, accommodation (all inclusive) was only £360 too, great little complex, looked more like a spanish version of the prisoner than an actual hotel. will deff go back
  22. Cala D'or in Majorca for me. Been for last 35 years and its like being home from home. Due to circumstances we are having to go during school holidays. What a rip off, but if thats the price, thats what you pay. Having looked at Ryanair flights it got me thinking when is best time to book. Googled and came up with "Airhints". You put your dates in and it tells you when price goes up and down. Saved approx £400.00 doing this
  23. Got back from Orlando a couple of weeks ago and don't feel like i had a proper holiday with all the driving so i think we'll be having a week in Tenerife or similar sometime in August.
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    I've sent you a PM Suke Slim.
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    looked on a few of the usual places i use and nothing either im afraid.
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    Looked on the newsgroups for you, nothing there - sorry
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